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Hi Jessica,
I received my Silver Dawn earrings and I absolutely LOVE them!!! They are so beautiful and sparkly, which I love about them and look great on me! Thank you for shipping them out to me it was greatly appreciated! Thank you again for all of your help!
— Trish E. from IL

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Monday, December 8th, 2008


I love questions from our customers- anything from “can you make this piece with light pink crystal” to “here’s my gown & what do you think?”. I love making connections & feeling like I helped to make a situation easy and happy. I recently had the opportunity to help a customer & the end result is definitely worth sharing! Jill wanted to wear a jeweled piece in her hair for her wedding that she could re-use in a slightly different way for a special celebration that will take place after her wedding. This celebration is for friends & family who could not attend the couples destination wedding & so the while the gathering will be celebrating their marriage it will be more informal. So! How can we get two different uses out of one design? I had already designed the Orchard Blossom Back Piece to have a central detachable part & Jill was the perfect customer to test out my idea. The large center flower has a small comb of its own & slides in & out of the design very easily. Voila! Jill will be wearing a low gathered twist of hair with the Orchard Blossom Back Piece tucked in asymmetrically for the wedding & will pull out the center blossom to slide into her hair which she will wear down & pulled up on one side for the second celebration.

I love the idea that the some portion of a piece can be worn for years afterward as a reminder of something very special. I have a brooch that I made for my own wedding 5 years ago that I wear several times a year. When I am complimented on it I love saying “thank you, I wore this my wedding day”! This detachable concept translates well to several pieces in the line. What’s next? More pieces with detachable combs, brooches, & even earrings. Pieces that work in more ways than one adding a functional component I think we all appreciate right now & deepen memories as you are able to wear the jewelry for years to come.

The detachable feature is available by request. Enjoy!


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