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Beautiful stuff on this website. It can be sorta pricey, but definitely worth it. Their work is quality work and still a bit cheaper than ordering from a bridal shop. Plus they can totally customize the work they do. For example, they made my tiara into a back piece to be tucked into my hair. — Racheal from MD

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Brooches, Bows, & Vera Wang

Friday, February 27th, 2009

I was on the Knot looking for an example of a wedding gown that beautifully incorporated the use of a brooch when I found found this strapless Vera Wang. Look at the draping of the smooth satin on the bodice and the way it’s pulled together by a brooch (a bow no less)! It’s minimal and modern  with a feminine accent courtesy of the perfect, dainty bow.

vera_wang_bow_brooch_straplNext I saw this ethereal deep v-neck gown with wispy overlapping layers also by Vera Wang. I love the almost casual way the bow brooch has been pinned on the strap. I believe it’s the same brooch on both dresses used in two different ways. Placement is everything and should always be deliberate and well though out. That’s why I love Vera Wang- the details are always immaculate and thoughtfully placed.

verawang_bowOn Monday I’ll be back with a showing of our brooches. Have a great weekend!


Jenny Packham Sorrento Gown- a Sensuous Goddess

Friday, February 20th, 2009

I’ve come to love the designs of British designer Jenny Packham. Her bridal collections are revered for the traditional styling layered with lush expensive fabrics, sensuous shapes, and jewelry-like embellishments. The Sorrento Gown is a current favorite of mine- it has a vintage glam beauty and art deco referenced embellishments.  Look at the way the fabric puddles onto the ground- luxurious, beautiful, goddess-like- I just simply love it!


I mentioned a few days ago that I would like to see the new Florence Hair Ornament paired with one of her dresses because it reminds me of her eye for detail in its curls and curves. I don’t think this dress needs anything else- just two or three of our Florence for the defining accent on one gorgeous dress!




What is a Back Piece?

Friday, February 6th, 2009


Well, hello! I’ve been MIA on the blog for about two weeks and I am sorry. We’ve been working on an exciting new project (hint- upgrading the blog)! I was waiting to post new entries until we’re ready for the launch but we’re just not quite ready, and that’s okay. Sometimes things just take a little longer : -) Here’s where I left off last…

I started making “back pieces” as custom requests many, many years ago as hair styles began trending toward low buns or chignons. Now back pieces are a regular part of each season’s designs and by far one of the most popular ways to accent the hair. I‘m not exactly sure how the term back piece emerged but it raises a lot of questions from brides about what it is and how to wear it. This is the first of a few posts about the different types of head pieces. So here we go!

Some pieces such as the Beautiful Girl Back Piece and the  Grape Flora Hair Ornament can be worn along side a french twist or tucked into the gathered section of hair that is half up/half down. The Grape Flora Hair Ornament is made so that is also works well in front, perhaps on the side. Others such as the Jackie Back Piece and the Syvie Back Piece are very rounded and more suited for the shape of a chignon. In general there aren’t many “rules” about where a particular piece goes. For instance the Jackie Back Piece is very dramatic and beautiful placed in front and off to the side. It’s all up to your imagination & hair style!

I’ve been completely amazed and slightly amused to see the combination’s and placements of headpieces over the years. Do you have a question about how to wear a piece? Do you have a picture of yourself wearing a piece that you would like to share (please I love receiving pictures of our brides :-)? Email me- I’d love to hear from you!

Have a safe and happy weekend!


Details to Consider when Selecting Hair Accessories

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008


It’s a most common question “How and when do I choose my hair accessories” and one that deserves careful thought and consideration. However, the condensed answer is simple: Choose what you love while taking a few key factors into consideration.

1.Your gown– it’s a must factor. It’s rare to find a bride who hasn’t already selected her gown. Does it have embellishment? A high or low neck line? Does it have any color in the fabric, or in the detail (a sash maybe or for example gold toned beading)?

2. What jewelry do you have already? You should have an idea of style at least. Stud earrings or dangle (how much dangle, a ½” drop or a fabulous chandelier style)?

3. How will you wear your hair? Your hair…I think most people would agree that you should feel like yourself only a more special, more carefully styled version of yourself, a version that makes you feel beautiful, glamorous, confident, & full of love! This isn’t always a must when selecting a hair accessory, but it does help guide the style you choose. I have actually had many customers who have all the details wrapped up including gown, jewelry, & hair accessory, but they wait on deciding on a final hair style until bringing their beautiful and sparkly jeweled comb to their 1st hair trial.

The above image features the Lisette Gown from J.Crew, a sheer silk organdy fabric covered in embroidered cotton flowers. I paired this gown with two similarly detailed jeweled combs- the Dogwood Small Comb and the larger Dogwood Bridal Back Piece. Keeping the jewelry simple I added only the Dogwood Bracelet and would opt simple pearl studs for the earring choice.

Do you have any questions along the way? I’ve touched base with customers as much as 6 months before they order perhaps just answering simple inquiries such as the possibility changing the size of a piece or location of a comb. Let me know if you have any questions, ideas, or pictures that would help make your decision!


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