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Beautiful stuff on this website. It can be sorta pricey, but definitely worth it. Their work is quality work and still a bit cheaper than ordering from a bridal shop. Plus they can totally customize the work they do. For example, they made my tiara into a back piece to be tucked into my hair. — Racheal from MD

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Temperley London

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010


A high waisted dress glittering with jewels…so glamorous. I’m positively in love with the headpiece as well…I’m in a fan girl state of mind right now! The Temperley London bridal collection is really so beautiful, so full of detail and beautiful fabrics too. Look at the back detail and you can see the soft pink color of the silk. I’ve now got a new designer to ogle.


I’ve spent all week working in Photoshop and putting up new designs. I took down a few older ones and messed a bunch of stuff up behind the scenes…sigh. I’ve got a ton of new things to show and talk about. I’m just slow as always. I have a post planned for tomorrow to show a collection called the Deco Society…best name ever! Until then…

New for Spring – The Luvabow Collection

Monday, February 1st, 2010



This is without question my new favorite design! I know I say this often, but this bow is just so sweet, and looks gorgeous tucked in the side of a messy bun. Really very perfect.  The cuff bracelets are a new addition to line that I am quite smitten with. I have a headband version of this design. Sadly, it didn’t make it to the photo shoot last week. The bow is set asymmetrically on the band. Very cute. Email me if interested. Thanks to Paula for for tweeting me the fabulous name of “Luvabow”! More new designs to follow soon…

Designer's Notebook – January Edition

Friday, January 22nd, 2010



I have black velvet pads all over the studio with messily arranged sparkly things, most are finished, a few are unfinished, and some just have pieced together ideas- thus, they are my notebooks. I began organizing all the new designs today for a photo shoot I’m planning next week and I am a bit overwhelmed! Recently we got a new computer that doesn’t support the Canon digital software I use to take photos with, so…a lot of new designs have accumulated.  Trust, it was an ugly mess which involved a few tears, and a determined and super smart hubby. We’re back on track now and I can’t wait to have all the new pieces up online soon. The pieces shown above are remnants of the “notebooks”. They are new and not available online yet, but as usual if you see something you like just let me know.

In other news I am super excited about our new campaign which will go up on Style Me Pretty in February. Speaking of…did anyone happen to see the guest post by erin ever after on Style Me Pretty today? I was floored by the emerald Gucci dress the bride wore in her Mexican wedding. Just so gorgeous, really…I love when fashion collides so well with weddings!

Have a great weekend!

Coming Soon: The Enameled Orchid with Sparkling Swarovski Pears

Friday, March 13th, 2009


Coming soon (next week) and just in time for the gorgeous blooms of spring is the new Orchid Hair Ornament. It’s a lovely airy piece that looks playful placed flat in front and sort of sweeping over the side. Of course it’s is beautiful placed in back adorning a twist or chignon. The flowers are painted with enamel but are just as pretty left bare in silver or our pretty pale gold plating. It’s obvious how much I love the pear shaped Swarovski crystals because I’m using them in everything right now! There’s just so pretty with a glass like sparkle that I adore. Here’s a little detail for you:


I’ll update this post next week with a link to the product page for Orchid where it will be available for purchase. UPDATE: THE ORCHID BRIDAL HAIR ORNAMENT IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE PURCHASE BY CLICKING HERE.

Will you be incorporating a floral element into your headpiece?

A Sneak Peek at Spring- White Flowers are in…

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

Well it seems as if spring is just around the corner! It’s 55 degrees here today and I’ve caught a bit of spring fever, or maybe it’s spring hopefulness! It seems a perfect day to share with you a piece from the new spring line: the French Garden Headband.


This piece is special because the entire piece, from the headband to the lovely jewel and pearl encrusted flowers, are painted with enamel. The look is soft, reminiscent of fabric, and well suited for a summer garden wedding. I have other summer floral inspirations to show you but am waiting (with good reason :-)!

Hope your weekend is as spring like as mine!


UPDATE: This piece is now available for purchase online. Click here. Thanks!

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