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The Look: Wear Long Hair Down Adorned with a Sparkling Headband

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

I’ve had two brides so far this week who are wearing their hair down and finishing their look with a sparkly headband. One of my brides had a question about how tiaras and headbands are worn with down hair and what the look is like.

There are as many variations to wearing the hair down as there are for wearing it up. Some want a “look”, glam, romantic, or sleek and modern while others want to do what works best for their hair type. Very long locks like the two featured here are so much fun for me to experiment with!

Here Brandi’s thick dark hair was styled straight and sleek. In her case there wasn’t too much else we could do because of her volume of hair and our time frame. I love her look and the gorgeous contrast dark hair provides for the sparkling Barcelona Headband. Subtly sparkling with hundreds of tiny Swarovski crystals this vintage inspired piece is beautiful worn like a headband. It really was a perfect way to tame Brandi’s hair and keep it off her face. To wear this piece like a tiara in front of up hair we would add a small comb on each side of the headband.


Audrey’s hair was another example of a girl with an amazing amount of hair! Wow, we were really a bit stumped at first about how to create the look we wanted. Kelly Cynkar of the Montgomery Hair Boutique really did a great job rolling Audre’s hair into loose romantic curls. I really loved the honey tones in her hair and thought curls would be perfect for her! The Lillian Grace Headband an absolutely perfect fit for this look- it’s flowing design of Swarovski crystal pear leaves, daisies, and pearls is asymmetrically placed making it a beautiful choice for soft and romantic hair.


This shoot took place last summer at the studio of the fabulous photographer Neysa Ruhl. If you live in the Cincinnati area and are getting married you should check her out, but give yourself plenty of time, her calendar looks like she’s already booked for 2009! Neysa Ruhl has a blog where she regularly shows her current projects. Go on over and see her talent- you’ll be glad you did! Make up was done by Leisa Glevicky of iMakeup Artistry.

I’ll be posting more hair styles and talking about how to adorn them, in fact I think there may be a port two to the long hair look!

Tell Me: How are you planning on wearing your hair for your wedding day?

A Beautiful Look- The Loose Rolled Ponytail

Friday, March 6th, 2009


I have this beautiful photo that I’ve wanted to show for a while now. The natural, romantic look was created by the Brides local team using our headpieces. Yes, I said headpieces, plural, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED the concept and their use of the pieces. I love it for a few other reasons also: First of all look at this glamorous and dramatic rolled ponytail. Wow she must have really long locks! I love how the hair drapes a little over the ear adding to the loose slightly casual feel. Wouldn’t this look be beautiful for a beach ceremony!?


The piece you can really see is the above pictured North Star Hair Ornament. It’s a very pretty sparkly piece chunk full of Swarovski crystal. The placement in the photo is beautiful even without the addition of the other piece. I have this piece made in all pearl but haven’t gotten around to adding it to the collection. It’s beautiful too- I try to get that added soon to show.


The piece that you can just see peeking over the side of the models head is the Honeysuckle Rose Headpiece. It reminds me of a garden- a lovely romantic garden– another place this look would be well suited for! The Honeysuckle Rose is one that can be worn in front as shown here or in the back above, say a loose rolled ponytail, or a big chignon. It’s really one of my favorites, the detail of which are somewhat painstaking to make.

The idea of combining two or more pieces to create a look is not often explored, but I think if done carefully it can be beautiful!

Tell me: Do you have any plans for unusual placement or combinations of headpieces?

What is a Back Piece?

Friday, February 6th, 2009


Well, hello! I’ve been MIA on the blog for about two weeks and I am sorry. We’ve been working on an exciting new project (hint- upgrading the blog)! I was waiting to post new entries until we’re ready for the launch but we’re just not quite ready, and that’s okay. Sometimes things just take a little longer : -) Here’s where I left off last…

I started making “back pieces” as custom requests many, many years ago as hair styles began trending toward low buns or chignons. Now back pieces are a regular part of each season’s designs and by far one of the most popular ways to accent the hair. I‘m not exactly sure how the term back piece emerged but it raises a lot of questions from brides about what it is and how to wear it. This is the first of a few posts about the different types of head pieces. So here we go!

Some pieces such as the Beautiful Girl Back Piece and the  Grape Flora Hair Ornament can be worn along side a french twist or tucked into the gathered section of hair that is half up/half down. The Grape Flora Hair Ornament is made so that is also works well in front, perhaps on the side. Others such as the Jackie Back Piece and the Syvie Back Piece are very rounded and more suited for the shape of a chignon. In general there aren’t many “rules” about where a particular piece goes. For instance the Jackie Back Piece is very dramatic and beautiful placed in front and off to the side. It’s all up to your imagination & hair style!

I’ve been completely amazed and slightly amused to see the combination’s and placements of headpieces over the years. Do you have a question about how to wear a piece? Do you have a picture of yourself wearing a piece that you would like to share (please I love receiving pictures of our brides :-)? Email me- I’d love to hear from you!

Have a safe and happy weekend!


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