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I really admire the customer service level at Naugi. thanks again for all your help and patience with ME–the bride! :)
Take care!
— Lynn M from NY

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Enamel Flowers

Saturday, December 20th, 2008


We have several designs that are either partially or fully hand painted with lustrous enamel paint. Painting- anything really is one of my favorite tasks to do in the studio. I love enamel painted flowers for many reasons the first of which is that I get to pick up a paint brush! The final effect of painting can create a sheer layer with bits of textured metal showing underneath such as the Dogwood Single Flower Comb, pictured above, or the effect can be a lustrous opaque and shiny surface such as Plumeria Comb, also pictured above.

The new Plumeria collection has been a instant favorite- creamy paint studded with Swarovski crystal. Gorgeous!!!! A customer recently said she needed several Plumeria flowers to get through a Hawaiian vacation. Thank you I love comments like that!!!

Our standard paint color is white, but if you ask… we can offer a variety of colors the most common of which is ivory (I wore ivory painted Lilac Hair Ornaments for my own wedding), but we also can paint green, pale yellow, pale pink, and pale blue just to name other common colors. We will be happy to send color swatches of any color you might be interested in!

Have a lovely weekend!


Stardust Vine

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008


Perfect for a winter wedding the new & very sparkly Stardust Vine evokes a beautiful vintage elegance. It can be placed in the back adorning a chignon or placed asymmetrically & flat in the front.

Enjoy the long weekend & travel safe!


Gorgeously Gold

Friday, October 10th, 2008


While I normally design new pieces in silver, I recently designed a few pieces with gold in mind. Of course they are available in silver as well, but consider the beautiful richness of gold for an ivory gown, fall wedding, or just because you favor it! The top piece Emelia is a gorgeous melody of leaves, pear shaped Swarovski crystal, & tiny crystal flowers. The bottom piece Aries it one of my favorite pieces of all time! I can’t wait to shoot this in the hair! It is meant to be placed asymmetrically in the front, but could be the perfect accent for a low gathered mass of hair in the back. It is a light catching beauty & I REALLY, REALLY want to see someone wear it!

Enjoy & have a beautiful weekend!

xoxo Jessica

Honeysuckle Rose Headpiece

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Isn’t this gorgeous? This beauty’s name is Honeysuckle Rose & it can be worn in the back above a chignon, or in the front placed flat and asymmetrically.


This is one of many pieces we’ll be photographing on a model next week. Check back for our model photos late next week. We’ll offer a sneak peek right here!

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