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Virginia & Early Snow

Friday, February 6th, 2009

virginia_earlysnowTwo of our favorite combs, Virginia and Early Snow, are now available as back pieces! They are long overdue additions to the back piece collection. The Virginia Back Piece is a more understated delicate floral design. I love the symmetry of this piece. The Early Snow Back Piece on the other hand is a more organic gathering of leaves and flowers. It’s a bold piece that can stand out against a large chignon. Years ago I made it in gold with light pink and ab crystals and it was the prettiest combination! I wish I had taken more pictures over the years of beautiful and whimsical combinations like that one!

Oh, and the pearl colors in both of these pictures are a mix of creme and white. It’s a very pretty way to add dimension to a piece and works well for most dress colors, especially diamond white. Of course, all of our pieces are available in all creme and all white too!

Later this week I’ll talk more about what a back piece is and what some of the differences are between all of the “kinds” of combs. Until then if you have any questions about how a specific piece might work in your hair let me know. We can send pictures of the piece being worn.

Happy Monday!


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