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Bridal Market Fashion from New York

Monday, April 6th, 2009


I’ve been on high alert all weekend following the many, many live updates from the Bridal Fashion Market in NY. Brides.com is doing a fantastic job on Twitter (@brides) and on their blog and Darcy Miller and Katie Hatch are doing a superb job on The Brides Guide blog by Martha Stewart. I’m sorry to my family for being on my phone all weekend hungrily checking for updates!Platinum by Priscilla of Boston does this gorgeous high end line featuring luxurious fabrics and embellishments. What a dramatic fashion forward piece shown above!!!


I would have loved to see the Carolina Herrera show at Tiffany & Co. in NY last night. Her collection was inspired by painters such as Goya, Matisse, Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec, Tamara de Lempicka, Giovanni Boldini, Georges Seurat. Each stunning gown reflected details defining each artist’s style. The above image is from this collection, but I can’t figure out which artist this gown reflects.  I majored in art history in college- bad student!!

packham_belt_detail Jenny Packham showed a new line featuring exquisite detail and presentation. I love how her designs are so much about jewelry. In the above detail it’s as if a jeweled belt was sewn right on the dress. Stunning!

I really wish I could have been in New York to see these shows in person. Thank goodness for the age of blogging and micro blogging!!

Photos courtesy of The Brides Guide and Brides.com

Naugi Designs Featured in Brides.com "Headpieces in Bloom" Story

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009


I love this gorgeous image promoting Brides.com “Spring Weddings” story which features floral accents found in gowns and headpieces. I found out today that two Naugi pieces were used in their “Headpieces in Bloom” story! Yay, I love working with Brides.com and was so happy to see our Honeysuckle Rose Headpiece and Sugar Tyme Headband featured in the story!


Honeysuckle Rose can be placed in back framing a large chignon or placed flat in front and off to one side. It’s a gorgeous vintage inspired piece that I love to recommend for an ethereal garden look.

sugartyme_hbThe Sugar Tyme Headband is one of my favorite designs and looks beautiful holding back long loose locks. I love the dense clusters of pearl blooms and was so happy to see it used for this story. Perfect!

How did you incorporate blooms into your spring wedding?

A Beautiful Look- The Loose Rolled Ponytail

Friday, March 6th, 2009


I have this beautiful photo that I’ve wanted to show for a while now. The natural, romantic look was created by the Brides local team using our headpieces. Yes, I said headpieces, plural, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED the concept and their use of the pieces. I love it for a few other reasons also: First of all look at this glamorous and dramatic rolled ponytail. Wow she must have really long locks! I love how the hair drapes a little over the ear adding to the loose slightly casual feel. Wouldn’t this look be beautiful for a beach ceremony!?


The piece you can really see is the above pictured North Star Hair Ornament. It’s a very pretty sparkly piece chunk full of Swarovski crystal. The placement in the photo is beautiful even without the addition of the other piece. I have this piece made in all pearl but haven’t gotten around to adding it to the collection. It’s beautiful too- I try to get that added soon to show.


The piece that you can just see peeking over the side of the models head is the Honeysuckle Rose Headpiece. It reminds me of a garden- a lovely romantic garden– another place this look would be well suited for! The Honeysuckle Rose is one that can be worn in front as shown here or in the back above, say a loose rolled ponytail, or a big chignon. It’s really one of my favorites, the detail of which are somewhat painstaking to make.

The idea of combining two or more pieces to create a look is not often explored, but I think if done carefully it can be beautiful!

Tell me: Do you have any plans for unusual placement or combinations of headpieces?

Brides.com- Winter Weddings Story (We're Featured)!

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008


I just got the link to a story on Brides.com entitled “Winter Weddings” which features two of our pieces the Eden Song Hair Ornament and the Stardust Vine. What a wonderful story showing many snow inspired, sparkling, & glittery hair accessories! A winter wedding can be an opportunity to play on the lush imagery of wintry white snow, glittering and slowly falling snow flakes, and smooth reflective ice. Shades of white, icy blue tones, soft smokey grays, and silver are some of my favorite colors and perfect for a winter wedding theme.

Last winter I worked with a customer who got married 3 days after Christmas. Why? Well, her fiance is in the military and was scheduled to be home on leave then. It was actually my neighbor’s very good friend so I loved helping her!! I literally loaded about 30 items in a box, gave some suggestions, and gave them to my neighbor for her and her friend to go through. So much fun! In the end she wore the Sugar Plum Headpiece and pinned 2 Lola Brooches (pictured in the image above) clustered together on the hip of her gown.

I’m always happy to help if you have a specific theme you’re working with or even just have some ideas you want to run past me. Some of the best results come when there’s a back and forth exchange of ideas!



Brides.com- We're Featured!

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

brides_little_kissesWe were so happy to have the opportunity recently to contribute our Little Kisses Headband to an article on Bride.com about how to “Get the Runway Look”!

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