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Hi Jessica,
I received my Silver Dawn earrings and I absolutely LOVE them!!! They are so beautiful and sparkly, which I love about them and look great on me! Thank you for shipping them out to me it was greatly appreciated! Thank you again for all of your help!
— Trish E. from IL

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A Sparkling Duo – The Starry Night Comb Set

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

starynight1I am really excited about the Starry Night Comb Set which  is actually two pieces– one large flower and one small flower each on its’ own comb! I think they are meant to be together so I photographed them clustered and they will be sold together as a set. The finish is a smoke gray enamel with touches of brass left to show through. Other enamel colors are available such as white and custom colors are available upon request. As always silver and gold plating are an option for those who don’t like the painted look. As you can see the petals are covered in Swarovski crystal making a really beautiful and sparkly presentation!

Custom Headpieces in Warm Earth Tones of Swarovski Crystal

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

sylviaI want to start regularly sharing some of the custom work I do. It’s a great way to get inspired and to see what different pieces look like when set with color.  I only use Swarovski Crystal which is the best crystal available and produces a brilliant sparkle. The color ranges offered are sometimes dizzying to keep up with and they don’t make every color in every size and shape. I can quickly tell you over the phone or through email the options for a particular piece. Light Topaz is the most requested color as it is beautiful with the champagne color found in many dress accents. Amy from NY ordered the Sylvia Bobby Pin with a light topaz and topaz mix. I used the topaz crystal sparingly to add a bit of depth and richness to the overall color.  Amy and I discussed her options over the phone and then I emailed her this picture before setting the crystal on the rest of her bobby pins. Luckily she loved it!


Above is the Dogwood Small Comb set with light topaz crystal. This is by far the piece that gets ordered the most with color for some reason and the color of choice is almost always light topaz. It’s very pretty especially for spring and summer. The flowers are hand painted with white enamel, but we can custom mix pretty much any color- ivory, light pink, light blue, and black (yes, black) are the most requested custom colors. I’ll post the next custom paint job that comes in…

Enjoy and as always please let me know if you have any questions! : -)

Are you planning on adding color to your hair jewelry?

Coming Soon: The Enameled Orchid with Sparkling Swarovski Pears

Friday, March 13th, 2009


Coming soon (next week) and just in time for the gorgeous blooms of spring is the new Orchid Hair Ornament. It’s a lovely airy piece that looks playful placed flat in front and sort of sweeping over the side. Of course it’s is beautiful placed in back adorning a twist or chignon. The flowers are painted with enamel but are just as pretty left bare in silver or our pretty pale gold plating. It’s obvious how much I love the pear shaped Swarovski crystals because I’m using them in everything right now! There’s just so pretty with a glass like sparkle that I adore. Here’s a little detail for you:


I’ll update this post next week with a link to the product page for Orchid where it will be available for purchase. UPDATE: THE ORCHID BRIDAL HAIR ORNAMENT IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE PURCHASE BY CLICKING HERE.

Will you be incorporating a floral element into your headpiece?

Bling your Gown with a Gorgeous Naugi Brooch

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Last week I showed a few Vera Wang gowns featuring fabulously placed brooches. I have brooches pinned everywhere from hand bags to coat lapels. One of my very favorite suggestions for brides is incorporating a brooch somewhere on your wedding day; on your gown, hand bag, after party dress, or you can even pin a brooch in your hair. The reason I love this idea is that you can keep the brooch as a keepsake and reminder of your wedding to wear on special occasions and anniversaries for years to come. I rarely make a headpiece that I don’t think would be a good brooch also. We have a gorgeous line of heirloom quality brooches. Here are just a few ways to place them:


I’m starting with what is possibly my favorite of the photos- above is the Lillian Grace Brooch pinned on the lightly beaded neckline of a dress. Take a look at those pear crystal petals by Swarovski! I wouldn’t always suggest a pairing a brooch with beading but I love this. It’s delicate and feminine and the silver toned beading reference the silver of the brooch.


I made the Garden Party Brooch several years ago for my sister-in-law. For her I made it with light topaz crystal which we pinned on a champagne colored silk band which finished the strapless neck line of her beautiful dress. This brooch design became an instant favorite and one I love to suggest placing of the waist of a gown, shown here, as well. It dresses up last seasons knee length strapless beach dress from J.Crew very nicely.


Here the Lillian Grace Brooch is pinned on the waist. I love the graceful swoop of the leafy design. It’s as perfect pinned in this direction on the waist as it was one the above pictured neck line. LOVE!


Lastly is the center placed Lola Brooch on this deep v-neck dress again by J.Crew (yep, it’s a favorite)! I love how the circular brooch emulates the embroidered circles on the dress. Sadly, the only time I wore this dress I hadn’t yet designed Lola. This is actually a post for another day, but combining 2 Lolas on the hip of a gown is gorgeous and a very popular way to order and wear this design!

Tell me: Are you planning on wearing a brooch on your wedding day?

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